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Preprocessor directives in c

C preprocessor: The preprocessor is the program that processes the source code before it passes through the compiler. It operates under the control of the preprocessor command line or directives. Preprocessor directives are defined in the source program before the mainline written the source code passes through the compiler, it is examined by the preprocessor.… Read More »

Function in C programming

Definition: A function is an independent section of C which is a block of statement code that performs a specific task and optionally returns a value to the calling program. Generally, it processes information that is passed to it from the calling portion of the program, and return a single value to the program. information… Read More »

Input devices of computer

Input devices: Any hardware devices used in the computer system that receives the data and information from the environment and sends them to the storage unit are called input devices: An input system performs the following tasks: It reads the data and instructions given by the user. Then converts the accepted data and instructions in… Read More »

What is c programming? all you need to know

Introduction to c: C programming is a high-level programming language where Instructions consist of algebraic expressions, English keywords such as if, else, for, do, while etc. In C programming, program can be divided down into several small modules. Hence, it can be also called a structured programming language. C programming is flexible to use as… Read More »

Array in c programming

Array: “An array is a set of similar data elements which are stored in consecutive memory locations under a common variable name.” Some programs may need to handle the same type of a different number of data having the same characteristics. In such a situation, it will be easier to handle such data in Array,… Read More »